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Floorboard Coatings & Finishes

Custom Floor Sanding specializes in use of the best quality non-toxic (safe for your health) and environmental friendly (safe for our planet), low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) coating systems in the world.


If you are in the process of choosing a coating system for timber flooring the most important factor influencing your decision should be your health, the health of your family and the health of our planet.


Coatings which contain Toluene Di-isocyanate, Formaldehyde, Xylene and Benzene should be avoided because they are toxic. These chemicals are associated with nervous system disorders, cancer, chronic fatigue, lung disease, depression and dermatitis - and they linger.


Water Based Timber Floor Finishes

2 x component water-borne polyurethane systems including Bona - which is the worlds’ most widely used low VOC range of timber floor coatings, are durable, safe and aesthetically superior modern floor coatings.


Solvent Based Polyurethane Timber Flooring Finish

Solvent based polyurethanes are toxic and are high VOC products containing harmful isocyanates which are carcinogenic. Isocyanates are associated with increased risk of non-small cell lung cancer and therefore Custom Floor Sanding does not use those products. Aesthetically, solvent based polyurethane ambers in colour, have a ‘plastic’ appearance and are not very flexible which often causes edge bonding problems on new flooring.


Modified Oil Urethane Floorboard Finishes

Modified oil urethanes have high VOC’s and are also considered toxic. While not quite as volatile as solvent based coatings, they have a ‘sickly’ smell which lingers for months after application especially when a house is closed up. As with solvent based coatings, modified oil urethane ambers and will eventually result in an orange/brown colour familiar to many people (e.g. old cypress pine floors which look orange – hallmarks of both solvent and oil based coatings ). Modified oil urethane has inferior wearing properties when compared with good quality water based polyurethane.


Waterborne Floorboard Finishes

What are the Benefits?

  • Non-toxic and with no hazard classification
  • Waterborne and non-flammable
  • Pose no health risks during or after application
  • Quicker re-occupation
  • Non–yellowing; no darkening / yellowing of the finish over time
  • Minimise the risks for edge bonding
  • Maintain and enhance the natural appearance of the timber
  • Products available to meet R10 slip resistance without the need for onsite additives
  • Products available in Gloss, Satin, Matt, flat Matt 

Independent Taber Test


The lower scores indicates the strongest wearing coating.


Bona Traffic

2.5mg/ 100revs

Typical single Pack Moisture Cured Polyurethane

3mg/ 100revs

Synteko Best

3.1mg/ 100revs

Synteko Extra

4mg/ 100revs

Bona Mega

4.5mg/ 100revs

Nanosol Classic

4.7mg/ 100revs

Typical 2 Pack Polyurethane

5mg/ 100revs

Typical Oil Modified / Tung Oil Finish

7.5mg/ 100revs

Synteko Classic (Acid Curing)

8mg/ 100revs


Please click here to find out more about the advantages of Bona floor coating systems.


While we have extensive experience with Bona water based coatings, there are some other appealing alternatives including natural oil and hard wax oils which may especially suit particular applications.


These plant based oils and waxes impart a subtle patina and become part of the serviceable surface wood when properly prepared. Some of these products look better as they are used and can give your floor a classic and tasteful appeal.