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       New Deck Sanding Machine can clean sand decks without the need to countersink the nails or screws. This is achieved with the abrasive brush drum. To restore your timber deck call 0407 459 575.

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Removing a heavily weathered surface from a hardwood deck with our special sander where the screws do not need to be countersunk below the surface - normally required for conventional sanding machines.

Sanding under glass balustrades to remove the old coating. Not easy but, we can do it!


Timber Deck Restoration and Rejuvenation Central Coast

Timber Deck Restoration Central Coast

Entertain and escape to your rejuvenated timber decking. Custom Floor Sanding can restore your timber deck with sanding and oiling.


A timber deck can add significant value to your property. Custom Floor Sanding can repair, clean and restore your tired timber deck. To keep your timber deck looking good and to help it last through many hot summers, it’s important to regularly treat it with decking oil. This prevents the wood from drying out, aging and cracking.


Deck Cleaning and Deck

Restoration Services

  • All types of exterior timber and hardwoods surface treatment
  • Washing and sealing problematic timbers
  • Deck and Exterior Timber Sanding & coating
  • Timber coating selection and advice
  • Punching Nails Down
  • Timber Washing / Cleaning & Preparation
  • Deck Staining / Deck Oiling
  • Restoration of old and weathered wood
  • Replace, re-fix damaged decking boards