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Concrete Grinding and Concrete Polishing Central Coast

Keeping abreast of modern building trends, Custom Floor Sanding offers small to medium area concrete grinding and concrete polishing. 


Polished concrete floors are a versatile and stylish flooring finish that have fast become the surface of choice in many commercial and residential projects. As an added layer of protection against, spills, dirt & mould a concrete sealer can be applied to the polished concrete surface.


Polished Concrete Flooring Benefits

  • Decorative - complements many designs and can utilise unique concrete mixes to match specific colours
  • Low maintenance – easy to clean, no special cleaning products are needed
  • Hardwearing – very durable surface that will not mark or dent and does not need to be replaced
  • Low allergen – does not trap mould or dust
  • Cost effective and sustainable – minimal maintenance costs and has great thermal properties and is light reflecting

Concrete Grinding and Concrete Polishing Machinery

Our concrete polishing machinery is especially designed to fit through residential doorways and hallways if the walls are already in place. Please note that concrete polishing is far more economical before walls are in place!

Concrete Floor Polishing & Grinding Machinery

Polished Concrete - Commercial & Residential

Diamond Grinding & Concrete Cleaning & Polishing